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Term Life Policy
Term policies are typically the least expensive form of life insurance and can almost always provide large death benefits without having to go through the entire underwriting process. These policies are less expensive because they expire after a certain period of time, and the policy has no value after the term is up. However, sometimes there are options to convert the policy to a whole life term for a small death benefit. 

Many individuals purchase term insurance as collateral for a loan or simply to protect their family members if they have a certain amount of debt that they do not want to leave behind. Often times customers will purchase a term policy in addition to a whole life policy in order to cover both the temporary and permanent aspects of their outstanding financial responsibilities.
Whole Life Policy
Life insurance is different from personal and commercial insurance because it is a "WHEN" not "IF" type of policy. With a whole life policy, you are 100% guaranteed to collect on the death benefit, and with numerous options for premium payment, whole life insurance can get a whole lot more affordable. 

Additionally, these policies build up a cash value over their life that can be borrowed against in times of need. 
Universal Life Policy
Similar to a whole life policy, universal life offers a permanent type of coverage. But where a whole life option offers level premiums and level death benefits for the policy's duration, a universal life policy is much more flexible. Premium payments, death benefit and savings are reviewed periodically to accommodate the always changing circumstances that life brings.  
Individual Disability
What would your life look like if all of a sudden you weren't able to work due to an injury or disease? Could you still make your monthly mortgage or utility payments? Disability insurance protects your paycheck when you are no longer able to earn due to sickness or bodily injury. If your employer does not carry work comp it would be a great idea to look into purchasing your own disability policy!  


The Hard Truth about Health Insurance
The hard truth is that no one wants to talk about health insurance. It is too complicated, too regulated and there is too much information to know what's right and wrong. Also, its a very personal thing to talk about your health challenges. You want to confide in someone you can trust and who will keep your personal information personal.

At Bear Creek Insurance, we do NOT shy away from these tough conversations. We understand how sensitive this subject is and also the gravity of the situation. Our agency has teamed up with North Risk Partners, who are experts in the field of health insurance to become a local, trusted resource for you. They are a wealth of information and explain health insurance in terms that anyone can understand. Whether you are self-employed and looking for a full blown policy, are an employer looking to provide options for your group, or 65 years old looking for a Medicare Supplement, we have the know how to come up with a solution for you. 

Our plea is this, don't try and go about health insurance all on your own and struggle through it. Lean on us to provide explanations and solutions that you can't find through a 1-800-HOTLINE. We want to be there for you, every step of the way. 

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