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We provide commercial insurance for any business, small or large. Whether you're a solo operation or have 100 employees, we have options to cover all aspects of your operation. 

What goes into a business insurance policy? 

There are many ways to go about insuring your business, and each company's appetite for risk is different. Some commercial operations like flower shops, concrete pouring, or tax offices are common place and can obtain coverage as easily as they would for an auto or home policy. Other businesses, are a bit more complex. Rest assured, that we will continually shop for coverages that meet the needs of your trade until you are 100% satisfied.


 Ideally, we would bring you into the office or meet you at a location that is convenient for you and have an in depth conversation about the unique risk exposures of your business. From there we go to work and talk with all of our providers to make sure that it is a fit for both parties. After a quote is developed, we continue the conversation with you, ensuring that we don't miss a single detail! 

Who do we work with? 

We proudly represent EMC, Grinnell Mutual, IMT, Nationwide, Partners Mutual and many more to provide commercial insurance directly to our customers! 

Don't forget the Work Comp! 

Worker's compensation insurance is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to commercial insurance. The last thing you as a business owner need is the headache of a major lawsuit because an employee was injured on the job and you are uninsured.


Most of our carriers offer this coverage as part of the commercial package, but each situation is different. If things don't work out the traditional way, we have the means to get you to the WC pool as well! 

Additionally we can offer disability income insurance to your employees at no additional cost to you as the employer! Be sure and ask about DI Policies when shopping around!


What is specialty insurance and why do I have to get it? 

Specialty insurance comes into play, when we have exhausted all avenues on the standard market and all of our providers have politely declined to cover you. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with what you do, it just means that your business is extra unique! 

Sometimes the application process for specialty insurance is a little more drawn out, but as an independent agent we have plenty of avenues to go down. 

If you have been declined everywhere else, don't be afraid to give us a call! 

Email to 

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PO Box 519

Brooklyn, IA 52211


Tel: 641-522-7931

Fax: 641-522-5006


Monday - Friday 

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Other Times by Appointment

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