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What is federal crop insurance and do I even need it? 

The short answer is most likely yes. Federal crop insurance is subsidized by the government and can help to maintain your farm's profitability in the unfortunate event of a major wind storm, drought or flood. 

If you go uninsured for just one catastrophic event you could stand to lose tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue due to yield loss or price decline. The basic federal MPCI policy gives you a guaranteed dollar amount of revenue per acre to ensure that you stay afloat when times get tough

What are my options for coverage? 

The options for coverage on a multi-peril policy are endless. There are many different endorsements that you can add to your policy to improve coverage and add another layer of protection to your revenue. Some endorsement examples include: Quality Loss, Trend Adjustment, Yield Exclusion, Enhanced Coverage Option and much more!  

In addition to a multi-peril policy, you can obtain a hail policy. A hail policy can be endorsed to include coverage for wind, green-snap and extra harvest expense also. Unlike other forms of insurance, your potential to collect on a hail policy is NOT affected by what you collect on your MPCI policy. Give Tyler a call at 641-522-7931 to go over your current coverage! 

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